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LOTR Environments

Limited to 1,500 or less

Orthanc 750


Weathertop 1,000

Amon Hen 1,500

Amon Hen-1500

Limited to 2,000 

Buckleberry Ferry 2,000


Limited to 4,000 +

Helm’s Deep 4,000

Helm’s Deep-4000
The Golden Hall 4,000

The Golden Hall-4000
The Mines of Moria 4,000

The Mines of Moria-4000
Minas Morgul 8,500

Minas Morgul-8500

Open Editions

Argonath Bookends (DVD Box Set)

Argonath Bookends-dvd-open
Minas Tirith (DVD Box Set)

Minas Tirith-open

“No Admittance Except on Party Business” Bookends


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