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Toybiz Lord of The Rings


Toybiz’s Lord of the Rings line, ahh, what a remarkable line it was, still is.

The figures are absolutely stunning. They were one of the first figures to be made using cutting edge laser scanning technology to ensure an accurate and scaled replica of the characters likeness as seen on screen. Additionally, the figures were very detailed and fully poseable with over 20 points of articulation making them fun to display and play with.

The first Toybiz figures were released a few weeks prior to the release of Fellowship of the Rings, December 19th, 2001. The figures were released in waves and originally released in large packaging often referred to as “Half Moon” packaging, then during one of the late ROTK waves, in order to meet retailer requests for more shelf space, they released them on a single blister card.

Toybiz produced figures for all three movies from 2001-2006. After the release of Return of the King, towards the end of it’s run, they released another assortment known as the Trilogy figures. This assortment included figures from Fellowship of the Ring (Green cards), Two Towers (Red cards), Return of the King (Blue card), and one final wave known as the “Epic Trilogy” assortment which came on dark grey cards. The “Epic Trilogy” assortment is considered to be the harder to find of the entire line┬ábecause a lot of big box retailers did not stock the assortment, and those that did, ordered in lesser quantities fearing fans and collectors weren’t interested anymore because it was over a year since Return of the King was released in theaters.

When all was said and done, Toybiz had released over 200 different offerings, including single figure packs (MSRP $6.99 – $8.99), multi-packs ($14.99 – $16.99), deluxe figures ($19.99-$24.99), horse and rider sets ($19.99) and deluxe multi-figure sets.

In addition, there were overseas exclusives that were limited to the UK/Australia and a US exclusive in the form of a Mail-away Burger King Uruk Hai.

This Toybiz Lord of the Rings guide, to our knowledge, is complete and contains every single release from the line. Enjoy.

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